Ward 3 Town Hall - Rethinking and Redefining the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (No Child Left Behind)

Last Date:

Oyster-Adams Bilingual School – DCPS - 2801 Calvert Street NW, Washington, DC 20008

The District of Columbia has the opportunity to request flexibility in implementing certain requirements of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. On behalf of the

Office of the State Superintendent of Education, we invite you to attend a November town hall meeting to learn about and discuss this “ESEA Flexibility” request.

Please see dates and locations attached and share this invitation with others who may want to attend.

WHO: Everyone with interest in the topic is invited, especially: parents, guardians, students, teachers, principals, other school and school district staff, and other community members.

WHAT: OSSE staff and panels of education stakeholders and experts will discuss, answer questions about, and seek input on planning new systems for supporting schools, recognizing schools, and holding school accountable for student achievement.

WHEN: Meetings will be held from November 9 to November 21.

WHERE: One town hall meeting will be held in each ward in the District.

Please RSVP at:   http://www.surveymonkey.com/eseaflexrsvp
Questions? Please email OSSE.Comments@dc.gov.

Elementary and Secondary Education
(202) 741-0475