2012 Global Corporate Citizenship Conference: CSR: Business Solutions for Emerging Markets

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1615 H Street NW Washington, DC 20062
US Chamber of Commerce

International community engagement strategies have grown to be more than corporate philanthropy practices; they are tools to ensuring a ripe, healthy economy for businesses to grow and create jobs in local markets. Issues such as literacy, nutrition, water quality, gender equality, youth employment, disease, and pollution are not just social challenges, they profoundly affect the business value chain. As companies cultivate business opportunities in emerging markets and encounter these challenges, they are developing strategies and innovations that are improving economic, environmental, and community conditions.

The 2012 Global Conference will feature businesses and sessions covering:

The Business Case for Global Development Unlocking The Global Value Chain Creating the Infrastructure for Development Business Solutions for the Middle of the Pyramid Business Solutions to Youth Underemployment The Corporate Intrapreneur: Social Enterprise and Corporate Citizenship Businesses are changing the way that they work with governments, development agencies, and key stakeholders; are applying new technology to old problems; and are adapting global solutions to local community challenges. Join us at the 2012 Global Conference from October 10-12 in Washington, DC.

Teryn Bird
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