Education Series: Housing Provider Disclosure Requirements

Last Date:

Housing Resource Center, 1800 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue, SE, Washington, DC

These are the topics covered in the Disclosure seminar:

Part 1:   Registration Process Overview
Part 2:   Breakdown of Registration Elements
Part 3:   Exemptions/Exclusions from Rent Control
Part 4:   Substantial Compliance with the Housing Regulations
Part 5:   Disclosure Requirements
Part 6:   Annual CPI-W Rent Increases
Part 7:   Vacancy Increases
Part 8:   Rent Increase Protections for Elderly and Disabled Tenants
Part 9:   Other Rent Adjustment Procedures

Participants should expect to achieve an understanding of various disclosure requirements and general registration processes related to rental housing exemptions, exclusions, rent adjustment disclosures  and procedures.
Pamela Hillsman
(202) 442-7251